How To Speak Like A Pro In One Easy Step

By Frank Rolfe

Public speaking is the #1 fear of Americans, even higher than death. This would not be the case if more people understood the most important rule of public speaking - and the one that all professional speakers use every time they approach a podium. And this secret step is extremely easy to use and costs nothing to tap into.

The secret weapon is to never trust memorization

Forget what anyone in your entire life has told you up to this point. Professional speakers NEVER rely on memorizing anything. They speak from prepared texts via teleprompter, cue cards, written text, or bullet points. Only a fool would rely on memory when under the extreme pressure of delivering a speech in front of an audience. Why is that? Didn't your speech teacher in high school tell you to make it up as you went to "tell a story". Wasn't his argument that you'd look all stiff if you "read" your speech? Well, that's nonsense. If that was true, then why would the folks who get paid millions of dollars - like David Letterman - just make up his monologue as he goes? Why would Obama read his speech from a teleprompter, when he could just tell an impromptu story?

Why memorization always fails

When you stand up before a group of people, you get a sudden burst of adrenalin. This adrenalin does different things to your body. It allows you to run faster - part of the "fight or flight" survival mode of your caveman DNA. It also makes you forget what you're about to say. You see this happen all the time in day to day life. Someone raises their hand in a large class and then, when called on, they forgot their question. So , basically, to require on memorization when public speaking is suicide - there's no way you can memorize your speech and then have any possible chance of successfully pulling that off.

Why everyone lies about it

So if we're all in agreement that memorization and public speaking don't mix, then why are so many people promoting this failed theory? That's easy. The public speaking instruction industry relies on you NEVER feeling secure with your speaking - that would cause you to stop buying books and taking lessons. By promoting memorization, they are guaranteed to keep you spending money on speaking items for the rest of your life.


If you want to speak like a pro - and cure your fear of public speaking - the first stop is to throw every public speaking product that promotes memorization in the trash, and to start relying on prepared text and not seat of-your-pants creativity. Pros don't speak off the cuff, and neither should you.

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